Choosing A Venue

“Planning a wedding was a breeze!” – said no one ever”

Weddings are so incredibly special because they are filled with love and loved ones. Planning a wedding is no joke! It’s a huge task! Whether you are planning a wedding on your own or with a whole team of people, it can be very stressful and overwhelming. To help you get started (and keep the stress levels in check) we have jotted down some of the things to start thinking about.

Get the big things done first!

The most important task to start with is booking a venue. All your other tasks will depend on this. It’s a good idea to visit lots of wedding venues and make notes of the pros and cons of each venue.

Tip: Ask lots of questions! This will make your life much easier later on.

Are they available on your date?

It’s important not to fall in love with a venue that can’t offer you your chosen/ planned date. Call venues ahead of time to discuss your date before going to view them. Try and plan ahead and see a few venues in the same area to save you some time.

How many people can the venue hold?

Ideally you should have a rough idea of how many guests you would like. It is important to ensure the venue will comfortably seat all your guests as well as dance floor, DJ, buffet table, etc.

Does the venue provide tables, chairs and crockery?

Be sure to enquire whether your chosen venue provides extra items you may want/require. If they already have tables and chairs it will save you a lot of time and money in hiring fees and coordination.

Are there any restrictions on drinks and food?

If you or your guests have special dietary requirements make sure the venue allows for external catering if necessary. Some venues will add on a charge for bringing in external caterers, make sure you are aware of this and there is no surprise bill after the wedding. Another important question is to clarify is whether you are restricted to only using the venue’s bar and drinks menu. This can be quite a costly situation if you do not keep a tab on it. Guests can go overboard while you are dancing the night away.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

Ask your venue if they have any additional charges you need to be aware of such as waiters or a coordination fee. It is important to establish upfront whether there is an expectation to use the venue’s waiters and caterers.

Does the venue offer better off-peak rates?

Some venues offer a reduced rate if it’s not peak season. This can be quite a saving, so it’s worth asking whether there are any packages that offer a different rate depending on the season.

Is there a location at the venue or close by to take pictures at?

Check that there is adequate lighting for your wedding pictures. Are there places for you to take pictures at the venue or surrounding areas. Also factor in whether there is a room for you to get dressed in.

Take note of the look and feel of the venue and make sure it suits the theme you are going for. The venue should complement your theme and style.

Happy venue hunting!

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